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Candace Bushnell's

Emojination Keyboard

From the iconic creator of Sex and the City comes a line of emojis inspired by her new book, Killing Monica, and tailored for the modern woman. Available for free download on iOS devices in the Apple App Store, with additional emojis available for purchase.

A new way to communicate

Ready to take action? Time to celebrate with a champagne toast? Need the world to know that you are the director of your own life? Now you can say it all with an emoji! Candace Bushnell’s Emojination comes loaded with 25 custom emojis perfect for your everyday conversations. Simply copy the emoji from the installed keyboard, or directly from the app, and paste into any text field.

The emojis you’ve been waiting for

With downloadable packs and rolling updates, you’ll never be caught without the right emoji. Bringing together the expressive nature of emojis and the fun interaction of animated GIFs, the Emojination keyboard is sure to provide you with the perfect response for any texting situation.

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